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kind of curriculum vitae
resulting life experience



hi mates


okay - i will feed your hunger for info

and give you here a bit of what may be of interest about my person


first I completed a 3 year apprenticeship in handicrafts - (central heating) bending and welding (o2 & aceton) pipes and so on.

hard handwork all day long.


after this, for a bit more than 2 years i studied mechanical science - no final exam


then i changed kind of studies and my final exam is called "graduate engineer for a/c (air condition), plumbing & heating" as written in my short forum profile under "occupation"


all my knowledge about motorcyles is built by long long experiances in the last 45 years

that means ~ 85% lucky tries with full success and 15% (sometimes very expensive) errors.

never ever i had a motor mechanical apprenticeship .


i lived when i was still very young in a very small village at the country side of germany - only around 500 inhabitants but at minimum 2500 cows plus ... ;-) -as i said - country side

by that all of us were missing a good and payable workshop nearby and all of us where caused to do all repairs ourselfes

first starting with putting plug off at a 50 ccm small bike (motorized bycyle), changing the chain set, and so on ..

doing more and more repair my horizon grew and my talent to look over the "soup plate´s end" was also a big help to become the guy i am today.


my favorites are 4-cylinder bikes where ever they come from.

for harley´s inch bolts and V-motors i have no tools, so i never try to repair those "inch" bikes.

equal to that V´s i also never ever would touch a ducati - no clue how their correct running is when they are perfectely running.

in german we have a saying (?) :"schuster bleib bei deinen leisten" in english "shoemaker stay with your tools"

and I follow it as best I can - hands off imperial (inch) bolts and V-engines.


enough info?

no? ask what ever you want :-)

I do not have any secrets.




one more thing - almost forgotten - a kind of philosophy.


my stomach - he warns me if he "thinks" I would fall into some kind of trap.

seriously !

when i get this strange indefinable feeling in the stomach i stop any work and think about what might go wrong.

about a cigarette later I usually found out why my stomach warned me.

In the few cases (max. 3 or 4 times in my previous life) in which I ignored this feeling, it was always very expensive for me afterwards, because I had to stand up for my stupidity.


very violent example of such a warning.

i actually wanted to cut a curve around a mountain

but my stomach literally screamed not to do so and I stayed on my side of the street.

what can I say - a car came towards me and if I had cut the curve, there would have been a very bad accident.

just stomach.